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Our Mission: Amanda Hoffman founded Motus Video Design in 2013 with the goal to put original, online video content within reach for small nonprofit organizations and businesses.  Motus Video Design can quickly and affordably help expand a company's online presence by re-purposing their existing media and publicity into new, engaging, sharable and mission-enhancing video content. With over six years in communications consulting and over 10 years of video editing and production experience, Hoffman has built Motus Video Design as the product of that experience and hopes to challenge the way we think about the longevity and impact of PR and media for organizations without deep pockets. 

In latin, "motus" means "motion," as in Newton's "Leges Motus," or the Laws of Motion. As a former dancer/choreographer, and the daughter of a photographer/art director and advertising exec/musician, Hoffman grew up understanding the valuable relationship between music, images and human emotions. Motus Video Design wants to make your media move again and help you expand your organization's online presence.

The Beginning: While volunteering with a medical research nonprofit organization in its infancy, Hoffman realized that the media coverage, pictures and video footage from successful events were only seen shortly after the event itself - if at all. This valuable content would then sit in a "Photo Gallery" or "Media" page on the website, or worse, in a Dropbox folder, and rarely be seen again, rapidly depreciating the initial investment. Hoffman took that stagnant content, and her creative spirit, and got it moving again; creating fresh and original videos set to music that the organization could then share on social media, their websites, in press kits, sponsor presentations and eNewsletters. To house these videos, Hoffman launched the YouTube and Vimeo accounts for the organization, creating an online video presence that exponentially increased their Facebook and Twitter engagement. As a result, visits to the organization's primary and event websites increased, along with awareness of their cause, which often translated into new donations and sponsor support. Now Hoffman - as founder of Motus Video Design - is working to help other organizations have the same results.

Clients: Previous and current clients include The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (DTRF) (NY), DTRF's Running for Answers 5K (PA), the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) (MD) and the Arlington Center for the Arts (MA), among others. 

Location: Motus Video Design is based in Washington, DC, but willing to travel if your preference is an in person meeting. Otherwise, Motus is capable of doing business with your organization remotely - from start to finish. Contact Motus today at

Amanda Hoffman; Egypt, 2010