Making Your Message Sharable

What do you do when you have an important message, but it's 45 minutes long? You get Motus Video Design. During the Chesapeake Climate Action Network's "Maryland Crossroads 2013" tour, director Mike Tidwell laid out the alarming case against Dominion Resources' $3.8 billion proposal to build a massive facility to liquefy and export fracked gas, right on the Chesapeake Bay, in Cove Point, Maryland. Tidwell doesn't just point out how the Cove Point proposal will harm the state and our planet, he takes things a step further by offering effective and economically beneficial plans for clean energy alternatives. The original powerful and fact-filled speech (which I was lucky enough to hear in person) was 45 minutes long, with an accompanying slide presentation. Motus Video Design took the recording of that 45 min speech and the slides and edited it down to a digestible, but still impactful, 8 minute piece of video content that could more easily hold the attention of an online audience and be shared via social media channels. With over 400 views in the first 3 weeks, this short video has become a critical part of CCAN's "Stop Cove Point" campaign and has even been shown to legislators to encourage them to get onboard with the campaign's efforts without taking up too much of their hard-to-get time. To learn more about this campaign, please go to To watch this video on CCAN's YouTube channel, visit To see the speech in its entirety, visit

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On a personal note...My grandmother's 90th birthday

My amazing grandmother turned 90 years old in 2011 and I made this video to be shown at her big party in Savannah, GA. She is creeping up on 93 now and is still the most active and involved person I know! She has been a professional stage actress all of her life, a published writer, and was an English teacher. She couldn't part with many of her acting photos long enough for me to scan them, unfortunately. Though she said her performance last fall was her final acting role, she is still directing plays! She is an amazing, open minded, intelligent woman and I want to be just like her - just hope I got those genes! <3

I also will do personal videos like this. Please contact me for more information!