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Q: What is Motus Video Design? 

A: Motus Video Design is a video design company that produces sharable video content for organizations working within a tight budget. We work with small nonprofits and businesses to repurpose existing pictures, video, online/print/radio/tv publicity, etc. by using it to create an eye-catching, sharable, professional video that focuses on the mission and/or message you want to share with your audience.  From individual campaigns to general promotion, we have you covered. We also provide Marketing Consulting services. Check out the Our Work page to see what we've done and contact today to schedule a free consultation. 

Q: How much does a video cost? 

A: Motus Video Design's mission is to put original video content within reach for small nonprofits and businesses - so you should know right up front that we'll be willing to work with your budget. Prices will vary based on how many types of media you want us to use to make your video and how long you want it to be, but most videos will costs somewhere within the range of $500-$1,500. A quote will be provided to you before any work begins. (To compare, hiring a big production company to film all new content and then edit a video can cost upwards of $3,000 - YIKES!)

Q: How do I know if my organization needs your services?

A: Set up a free consultation (phone or in-person) with us by sending an email to We will talk about what your organization is trying to accomplish through video content, what media you already have to work with and we will tell you whether we're the right people for the job or not (Really. Sometimes we're not the ones you need and we're honest about that!).

Q: Can I hire Motus Video Design to film my event or other original content? 

A: Yes, however, this is not our typical service so we are only equipped to film certain types of events. Please contact us at and tell us what you are looking to have filmed. We will quickly get back to you on whether or not we can accommodate the request. If we can do it, we'll include a price quote. If we can't do it, we'll provide a recommendation for someone who is right for the job.