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Whether the cost of a videographer wasn't in the wedding budget or you didn't think you wanted a wedding video but now you do, Motus Video Design is here to help. We take those beautiful photographs from your big day and turn them into a professional, affordable "photo video," set to music, that you can share online with friends and family and watch on your anniversary together (or 100 times secretly by yourself). If you're interested in more than a photo video, we will take the amateur footage (and pictures) from your friends/family and create a video that is extra special and personalized. 

Here are just a few of the reasons to reach out to us...

  • Great gift idea for the happy couple or family member!
  • Increase return on your photography investment.
  • Use video/photos from friends and family (we make amateurs look good!).
  • Get a professional quality video to share online (DVD too!) without the cost of a videographer! 
  • Let's be'll never do it yourself. Let the professionals take this off your plate. We guarantee high quality and timeliness (as little as 1 week!)!

Contact us today to see examples, get a quote and get started!  

My husband and I decided to forgo having a professional videographer for our wedding, but some of our friends and family decided to take videos for us. We had quite a few iPad and iPhone videos of key parts of the ceremony and reception and I wanted to get a professional video created from those. I did not have high expectations since they aren’t professionally done and they are a bit choppy; however, Amanda’s video exceeded my expectations immensely! Even though I am in a creative profession, I had no idea what I wanted as a final product. Amanda was so creative with how she laid out the sequencing of the clips and how she aligned it perfectly with the music. She created an amazing keepsake for us and I am so grateful. Plus, she was awesome to work with throughout the entire process!
— Katie, Recent DC Area Bride
                                                                                           Newlyweds Eric and Helen

                                                                                           Newlyweds Eric and Helen

We invested in an amazing photographer, but we knew many of these incredible pictures would just sit in an album. With Motus Video Design’s creative eye, we now have a beautiful video keepsake of our wedding day that we can watch any time that captures something about our day that a regular video just can’t.
— Helen, Recent DC Area Bride

Please reach out to us for samples of our work!