You may have asked yourself recently, "What is the big deal with video?" Video Marketing is an exploding industry, thanks in part to the rapid improvements in internet speeds and bandwidth. Loading times are short, if even present at all, and HD video, along with better resolution on computer and mobile screens, has made watching online video downright enjoyable. But the big deal with video, from a marketing perspective, is that it is changing the way a company or organization can interact with its target audience (customers, donors, volunteers, etc). Video is a form of engagement that was previously only attainable if you had the budget for a television commercial. Not anymore. The cost of video production is going down, while viewership and return on investment is going up.

Below, we've curated and categorized some of the best resources on the web that explain - using statistics, studies and first hand experience - why you need video marketing. Click on the links to go to the full articles for a wealth of information!

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"Your site is 50x more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results with a video." From: 25 Amazing Video Marketing Statistics (

"Videos show up for 65% of universal search results for U.S. users." From: Videos Show Up for 65% of Universal Search Results for U.S. Users, YouTube Dominates [Study] (

"Videos aren't just for YouTube, they are a fabulous, one-size-fits-all form of content. With one, well produced video, you now have content for an email blast, your website and various social media accounts, even in-person presentations, without spending time and money on customizing and generating new content for each outlet." From: Why Video? The 5 Point Case for Video Marketing (Motus Video Design: Behind the Scenes)

"Six billion hours of video is watched on YouTube per month." From: Social Media 2014 Statistics - an interactive infographic you've been waiting for! (Digital Insights)


For Small Businesses & Startups

"Right now, YouTube is a pretty level playing field in which the little brands can compete with everyone else." From: 5 Lessons All Small Brands Can Learn About Video Marketing (

"Just look at Dollar Shave Club’s viral video compared to Gillette’s marketing. An offbeat, focused approach can produce the impact of a larger brand and create brand ambassadors who will share your message." From: Look Here! How to Market When Everyone is Distracted (


For Nonprofits

"Companies using video require 37% fewer site visits before a person responds to a call to action." From: Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video as Part of its Communication Strategy (

"While you might understand the importance of adding videos to your nonprofit marketing plan, this realization can only lead to another question: what kinds of videos are best for my nonprofit?" From: 3 Videos Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Needs to Succeed (And Examples) (